The Debut: A 2014 Documentary by Andy Kolb


The was the official site for The Debut, a 2014 documentary by Andy Kolb about some of the best wakeboard riders in the world.
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Raph Derome



noun: wakeboarding
the sport of riding on a short, wide board resembling a surfboard and performing acrobatic maneuvers while being towed behind a motorboat.


What is Wakeboarding?
Wakeboarding is a sport derived from waterskiing that arose in Australia in the late 1980’s. It essentially involves moving across a body of water using techniques that are adopted from surfing and snowboarding. The rider is traditionally towed by a boat, but can be towed in a variety of other ways including closed-course cable systems, winches, personal water craft, trucks/cars, and all-terrain vehicles. Wakeboarding is rapidly growing as a sport, and is currently shortlisted to be in the 2020 Olympic games. People may choose to Wakeboard instead of Waterski if they like the idea of being able to do tricks; as wakeboarding has arguably taken over from Trick-skiing.

Raph Derome & Nico von Lerchenfeld

The wakeboarder can ride the board flat to follow the cable or boat in a straight line; they can also get the board on its edge in order to move from side to side, a little like monoskiing. Jumps are performed by riding towards and up the wake of a boat and launching into the air. This can also be done by riding up kickers (ramps) which are found at cableskis. Once a rider improves in the sport, he or she can progress to aerial tricks and flips. As the rider edges towards the wake against the pull of the rope, the rider builds pressure against the water on the bottom of the board and gains speed and momentum toward the wake. When the rider rides up the wake the energy of the wake launches him airborne.



The Debut - Wake Film- OFFICIAL TEASER
The Debut" is a film about people who once found their passion. It is a film about people who love wakeboarding. The world's best riders will be followed on their journey all over the world. High-end production techniques will capture their riding, the places they go to and who they really are.


Monster Energy presents in association with Wasserski Langenfeld a Unit Parktech Production a film by Andy Kolb “The Debut” Nico von Lerchenfeld Daniel Grant Raph Derome Nick Davies Kevin Henshaw Brenton Priestley
Felix Georgii and Tom Fooshee
Edited by Andy Kolb
Director of photography Andy Kolb
Produced by Unit Parktech Andy Kolb
Written and directed by Andy Kolb
Still photography by Garrett Cortese, Nico von Lerchenfeld, Tom Fooshee, Andy Kolb

Andy Kolb









Nico von Lerchenfeld
Allgäu, Germany
28 December 1992


Daniel Grant
Bangkok, Thailand
23 December 1997


Raph Derome
Montreal, Canada
23 January 1992


Tom Fooshee
Austin, Texas
5 October 1984


Kevin Henshaw
Victoria, Canada
10 April 1986


Nick Davies
London, United Kingdom
20 June 1989


Brenton Priestley
Melbourne, Australia
14 January 1989


Felix Georgii
Allgäu, Germany
27 May 1993






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